EGIS® is also available in 0.8 mm thickness. Its softness and malleability makes it easy to use in laparoscopic operations. EGIS® can easily be passed through a trocar and can be fixated withmetallic or resorbable staples using common staplers.


  • Open the box and remove the double sterile packaging.
  • Open the outer container and remove the inner sterile container using aseptic technique. The inner container is sterile and can be placed directly into the sterile surgical area.
  • Carefully open the inner foil bag and remove the surgical membrane, following aseptic technique. Always use sterile gloves or forceps when handling the membrane.
  • Place EGIS® into a sterile bowl filled with sterile saline solution, sterile Ringer’s lactate or sterile Ringer’s solution (room temperature) for a minimum of 5 minutes. Make sure that EGIS® is fully covered by saline solution.
  • Keep EGIS® in the sterile solution (at room temperature) until ready to use. The acellular matrix can remain in the sterile solution for a maximum of 4 hours.


  • Prepare the implantation site applying accepted techniques.
  • EGIS® can be folded and or cut.To maximize integration EGIS® should be placed in contact with well vascularized tissue.
  • Insert EGIS® into the implantation site using sterile gloves or sterile forceps.
  • Suture the membrane using interrupted permanent sutures.
  • Place drains and close incision site using standard local hospital techniques and guidelines.
  • Dispose of any unused EGIS® membrane sections following the applicable procedures of the facility and applicable environmental legislation.

Note: Tension and arrangement of the sutures vary by application. A minimum overlap of 2-3 cm with healthy adjacent tissues is recommended.

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  • egis techniques
Format / Thickness 5 x 5 cm 10 x 10 cm 8 x 15 cm 15 x 10 cm 21 x 12 cm 26 x 18 cm 30 x 21 cm
1,5 mm EG05 – 15 EG10 – 15 EG08 – 15 EG15 – 15 EG21 – 15 EG26 – 15 EG30 – 15
0,8 mm EG05 – 08 EG10 – 08 EG08 – 08 EG15 – 08 EG21 – 08 EG26 – 08 EG30 – 08