Braxon Development Timeline

  • One-Step Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction With Dermal Matrix-Covered Implant Compared to Submuscular Implantation: Functional and Cost Evaluation
    Cattelani L., Polotto S., Arcuri M.F., Pedrazzi G., Linguadoca C., Bonati E.
  • Management based on grading of animation deformity following implant-based subpectoral breast reconstruction
    Vidya R., Tafazal H., Salem F., Iqbal F.M., Sircar T.
  • Acellular dermal matrix in implant-based immediate breast reconstructions: a comparison of prepectoral and subpectoral approach.
    Chandarana M.N., Jafferbhoy S., Marla S., Soumian S., Narayanan S.
  • A case of important weight loss after a prepectoral breast reconstruction.
    Salgarello M., Barone Adesi L., Mangialardi M.L.
  • Current evidences on immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy.
    Salgarello M., Visconti G., Barone Adesi L.
  • Pre-pectoral implant-based immediate breast reconstruction with Braxon Porcine Acellular Dermal Matrix: Is it safe with radiotherapy?
    Sewell J., Sharma A., Ficken L., Olsen S., Tillett R., Ferguson D., Ives C., Oliver D.
  • Evaluation of one hundred prepectoral implant-based reconstructions using Braxon® from a single institution
    Chandarana M., Jafferbhoy S., Tan Y., Marla S., Soumian S., Sankaran Narayanan S.
  • Prophylactic Bipedicled Nipple Sparing Wise Pattern Mastectomy And Prepectoral Implant / Adm Breast Reconstruction In Large Ptotic Breasts; Technique And Outcomes
    Khalil H., Faroq T., Ashour T., Rhobaye S., Malahias M.
  • A Guide to Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction: A New Dimension to Implant-based Breast Reconstruction
    Vidya R., Iqbal M.F.
  • Long term follow-upon prepectoral ADM-assisted breast reconstruction: evidences after 4 years
    Berna G., Cawthorn S.J.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the prepectoral breast reconstruction with Braxon dermal matrix: First multicenter European report on 100 cases
    Vidya R., Masia J., Cawthorn S.J., et al
  • Outcome following 150 prepectoral implant based breast reconstruction using Braxon® (ADM): UK experience.
    Vidya R., Smith A.H., Salem F., et al
  • Subcutaneous implant breast reconstruction: Time to reconsider?
    Tasoulis M.K., Iqbal M.F., Cawthorn S.J., et al
  • Breast Anatomy: Time to Classify the Subpectoraland Prepectoral Spaces
    Vidya R., Iqbal M.F.
  • HTA applied to one-step breast reconstruction surgery: from the use of expanders to the use of biological matrices, Parma (IT) University Hospital experience.
    Linguadoca C., Rosi C., Sesenna M.E., et al
  • Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction or Muscle-Sparing Technique with a novel Porcine Acellular Dermal Matrix-Braxon Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction or Muscle-Sparing Technique with a novel Porcine Acellular Dermal Matrix-Braxon
    Vidya R.
  • Muscle-sparing ADM-assisted breast reconstruction technique using a complete breast implant coverage: a dual-InstituteUK based experience
    Vidya R., Cawthorn S.J.
  • Clinical, histological and ultrasound follow-up of the breast reconstruction with one-stage muscle sparing “wrap” technique: a single-center experience.
    Onesti M.G., Maruccia M., Di Taranto G., et al
  • One-stage muscle sparing breast reconstruction in elderly patients: A new tool for retaining excellent quality of life
    Maruccia M., Di Taranto G., Onesti M.G.
  • Early multicentre experience of pre-pectoral implant based immediate breast reconstruction using Braxon®
    Jafferbhoy S., Chandarana M., Houlihan M., Parmeshwar R., Narayanan S., Soumian S., Harries S., Jones L., Clarke D.
  • Evaluation of the early post-operative effectiveness of a novel muscle-sparing breast reconstruction technique using Braxon® (acellular dermal matrix) – Multicentre European experience.
    Vidya R., Cawthorn S.J.
  • Epipectoral breast reconstruction.
    Masia J., Becker H.
  • The preformed porcine matrix Braxon first experiences with this innovative product.
    Masberg F., Degirmenci S., Hornberger M., Mett R.
  • Host Integration of an Acellular Dermal Matrix: Braxon® Mesh in Breast Reconstruction.
    Iqbal M.F., Bhatnagar A., Vidya R.
  • One-stage breast reconstruction techniques in elderly patients to preserve quality of life.
    Maruccia M., Mazzocchi M., Dessy L.A., Onesti M.G.
  • Evaluation of the early post-operative effectiveness of a novel muscle-sparing breast reconstruction technique – Using Braxon (acellular dermal matrix).
    Humphries A., Williams S., Vidya R., Cawthorn S.J.
  • No pec touch: A pre-shaped ADM for subcutaneous one-step breast reconstruction.
    Berna G., Cawthorn S.J.
  • Evaluation of a novel breast reconstruction technique using the Braxon® acellular dermal matrix: a new muscle-sparing breast reconstruction.
    Berna G., Cawthorn S.J., Papaccio G., Balestrieri N.
  • Evaluation of a novel technique in immediate implant reconstruction with a new shaped accelular matrix graft (Braxon®) placed on the pectoralis muscle in a subcutaneous plane.
    Cawthorn S.J., Berna G.
  • First Braxon® implantation, Bristol (UK)

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