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  • braxon techniques

    The prepectoral reconstruction technique involves a skin or nipple sparing mastectomy while maintaining an adequate skin envelope with a well vascularized subcutaneous layer.

    A preoperative pinch test => 1cm is recommended. The patented Braxon® matrix has been developed for use with all round and anatomical breast implants ranging from 150 to 450cc.

    Braxon® comes preshaped and freeze dried requiring only 5mins to rehydrate in sterile saline.

  • braxon techniques


    The Braxon® edges are sutured tightly around the implant avoiding any bulky seams. It is then placed into the subcutaneous pocket and sutured directly to the pectoralis major muscle. Placing the patient in a semi upright position helps ensure symmetry.

    The use of absorbable sutures and stitching to the subcutaneous tissue is recommended to speed up the integration process.

  • braxon techniques


    One or two vacuum drains are inserted in the subcutaneous space and then removed when the serum collection reaches 30 mL or less per day. The skin is then closed in two layers.

    Prophylactic antibiotics are administered until the drains are removed 7–15 days after surgery. Women are routinely discharged from the hospital with their drains still in situ to reduce their hospital stays.

Braxon's Advantages

  • Prepectoral Procedure
  • Total Implant Coverage Reduces Capsular Contracture
  • Less Post Operative Pain
  • Fast Preparation
  • Simpler and Faster Surgery
  • No Post Op Physiotherapy
  • Fewer Analgesics
  • One Step Reconstruction
  • Less Blood Loss
  • Easily adjusted Implant Positioning
  • Muscle Function Preserved
  • Participate In Sport As Before
  • Excellent Aesthetic Outcome
  • No Muscle Atrophy

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