PRESSFIT® is a cell-free (acellular), non-pyrogenic dermal collagen matrix (ADM) derived from porcine dermis. PRESSFIT® is intended for soft tissue repair of anal fistula, serving as a scaffold material to interference fit the fistula tract.

The exclusive production process has been developed with the aim of generating a completely natural product (not crossed linked) without the presence of any chemical substance which can amplify the inflammatory response and slow the pathway of tissue regeneration. The native three-dimensional structure provides the benefit of immediate bio-availability for incorporation into the host tissue with lower inflammatory responses such a red-skin flare phenomenon seen following the implantation of other biomaterials used in anal fistula repair.

PRESSFIT® is sold in dry form. It contains no preservatives. PRESSFIT® is ETO- sterilized and is single use only.

Main indication

PRESSFIT® shows higher healing rates in fistulas with the following characteristics:

  • Medium-high transphincteric fistulas
  • Fistulas not associated with fissures
  • Simple fistulas, at the first surgical treatment

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