Polyster Mesh

  • Advanced-Architecture
    Advanced Architecture Faster Tissue Ingrowth
  • 3D-Honeycomb-Knitted-Structure
    3D Honeycomb Knitted Structure
    • Excellent multidirectional elasticity
    • Soft edges – reduce post-operative pain
    • Improved patient compliance
  • Macroporus-Hydrophilic-Material
    Macroporus Hydrophilic Material
    • Contours well with the body structure
    • Faster tissue ingrowth & colonization
    • Lesser tendency to stick to the fat


Superior Flexibility
  • Soft and easy to handle
  • Ease of mesh placement and flexible manipulation
  • Shape memory for use via laparoscopic or open surgery
Designed with Patient Comfort in mind
  • Less long term shrinkage & contracture
  • Less long term pain
  • Lesser seroma formation
Structure Tridimensional "honeycomb" knitted
Colour White
Chemical Composition Polyester multifilament
Pore Size 1.59 mm x 1.41 mm
Weight 120 gsm
Thickness 1.14 mm
Burst Strength 48.1 N/cm2
Type of Absorption Non-absorbable
Sterilization Ethylene oxide
Product Code Description Available Size
PEM3D611 Mericron 3D Mesh 6 cm x 11 cm
PEM3D715 Mericron 3D Mesh 7.6 cm x 15 cm
PEM3D1015 Mericron 3D Mesh 10 cm x 15 cm
PEM3D1215 Mericron 3D Mesh 12 cm x 15 cm
PEM3D1515 Mericron 3D Mesh 15 cm x 15 cm
PEM3D3030 Mericron 3D Mesh 30 cm x 30 cm

Available in 12 cm x 15 cm size

  • Eliminates need for mesh trimming
  • Reduces operating time