Polypropylene/ Polylactide-Caprolactone Mesh

Tissue Separating Dual Layer Mesh for Ventral Hernia Repair


4 Unique Features
Multiple Benefits

  • blue lines
    Blue Lines
    • Improved visibility
    • Ease of mesh distinguish during laparoscopy
    • Ease of mesh orientation
  • Well Proportioned
    Well Proportioned Drainage Hole
    • Ensure seroma drainage in time
    • Facilitates fibroblast growth
    • Ease of taking transfascial suture
  • Synthetic Absorbable
    Synthetic Absorbable Anti-adhesive Barrier
    • Strong barrier – More resistant to damage during deployment through trocar
    • Protection against adhesion formation during critical period
    • PLCL barrier resorbs between 90-120 days
  • Transparent Barrier
    Transparent Barrier
    • Ease of defect overlap
    • Facilitates visualization of underlying tissue and vessel.

Designed for Superior Surgical Outcomes


Improved Macro-porosity
  • Faster tissue in-growth
  • Minimize granuloma bridging
  • Rapid abdominal wall integration
The ‘F’ Factor
  • Easy to identify visceral side
  • Ease of mesh orientation from the centre
Light Weight
  • Superior handling and easy to use
  • Flexibility – maximum patient comfort
  • Minimal mesh shrinkage Vs heavy weight mesh
Polypropylene-The Most Reliable Choice
  • 40 yrs of proven results in strong Hernia Repair
  • Inert polymer for minimal risk of infection

Technical Specifications

Structure Knitted
Chemical composition Polypropylene/Polylactide-caprolactone (PP/PLCL)
Pore Size 1.8~2 mm
Weight 185 gsm (Before Absorption of PLCL), 40 gsm (After Absorption of PLCL)
Thickness 0.5-0.6 mm (Before Absorption of PLCL), 0.5 mm (After Absorption of PLCL)
Burst strength – Initial 350 N
Burst strength – After PLCL absorption 330 N
Type of absorption Partially absorbable
Sterilization Gamma Radiation

Comprehensive Portfolio
To Meet Every Surgical Need

Product Code Shape Description
TSM715RE rectangle PP+PLCL (7.6cm*15cm rectangular)
TSM1015OV round PP+PLCL (10cm*15cm oval)
TSM1515SQ square PP+PLCL (15cm*15cm square)
TSM1520RE rectangle PP+PLCL (15cm*20cm rectangular)
TSM1520OV round PP+PLCL (15cm*20cm oval )
TSM2025OV round PP+PLCL (20cm*25cm oval)

Broad Range of
Mesh Fixation Devices

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PLCL Degradation Study – Swine
Abdominal Cavity Implantation Study

Objective of Study
  • To estimate the complete absorption period for PLCL
  • The surface and structure of PLCL film is complete and without obvious degradation pore in a week after implantation of composite mesh.
  • When implanted after a month, the PLCL film has been covered completely by the pseudo peritoneum, the film is still integrated but it became brittle and can be removed after stripping the tissue.


  • Merineum Mesh residual content is more than 98% when 12 weeks Post-Op